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Why bottle it up?

Are You Suffering From Stress?


If you have noticed a change in your behaviour in any or all of the following, you could be under more stress than you realise:


Why Bottle It Up?





Anxiety / Panic

Excessive Worry

Memory Problems

Marked Mood Swings

Boredom / Under Achieving

Low Self Confidence / Self Esteem

Losing Weight / Eating Disorder

Increased Smoking / Alcohol

Lack of Energy / Fatigue

Personal Relationships

Difficulties at Work

Bereavement / Loss


Pressures or stressors can either be external (out of your control) or internal (from your beliefs, behaviour or personality).

What Can You Do?


On your own , there is little you can do about external stressors, but you can un-bottle those sources of internal stress.

Becoming more aware of yourself, your habits and recognising the effects of every day stressors on your life, is the first step to combating the
negative aspects of stress.  Managing stress is more than just coping, it is learning to cope effectively.


Through active learning via Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy, you will become competent in a pro-active approach towards stress, realise the true benefits of relaxation techniques, and explore your own personal development to recognise and take aversive action to combat stress.


During the initial consultation, your difficulties are identified and a full history of these difficulties is taken.

What Happens During A Session?


Your options and capabilities for creating a more desirable situation will be discussed.  This will form your goal.


Thereafter, your portfolio of “how to change” strategies are enhanced to find the most appropriate resolution not only for the immediate present, but also for the distant future.


All the available options are presented and fully explained to complement your existing strengths before embarking on any course of treatment.


At all stages you are actively involved in your own change process, you select your goal, and therefore know when you have reached it, which is when your sessions are complete.


This solution focussed approach is why most people find a small number of sessions are sufficient for their needs.