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Performance In Mind


Your “mind set” comprises at least 50% of your sports performance, and therefore is the single most important factor affecting your performance.  This is regardless of the amount of time and money invested in lessons, coaching, practising and equipment!


So, taking time to work on cultivating a positive mind set eliminates the negative variables.   Learn how to maximise your efforts, and enlist the help of both your mind and body to achieve sporting success and consistent performances every time.


Identifying your areas of difficulty, will give you an insight into where your performance can be improved.  However, conscious awareness of your performance difficulty is the first step towards change, although intervention at this level may prove fruitless.  Exactly how you achieve these changes, often remains elusive.


Continuing with your performance and “hoping for the best”, is a random way to achieve success.  Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy enable you to maintain and enhance your existing strengths, and develop “better fit strategies”.

How Can You Improve Your Levels?


Concentration : How can you focus entirely 100% on your current performance, and clear your mind of unnecessary interferences?



Belief : Learn how to believe in yourself, that you can and have improved before, and will continue to extend these improvements.



Consistency : Maximise those brilliant performances to believe that one good performance is indicative of consistent future successes.



Confidence : How can commitment to a programme of continuous improvement create confidence to accept new techniques?



Motivation : How can you turn motivation on, and control that switch to work for you?



Rehearsal : Can picturing each performance, and visualising a positive mental outcome help?



Relaxation : Learn how to approach each performance feeling completely relaxed.



What Happens During A Session?


Therapy can also help you deal with problems that may be affecting your performance.


During the initial consultation, your difficulties are identified and a full history of these difficulties is taken.


Your options and capabilities for creating a more desirable situation will be discussed.  This will form your goal.


Thereafter, your portfolio of “how to change” strategies are enhanced to find the most appropriate resolution not only for the immediate present, but also for the distant future.


All the available options are presented and fully explained to complement your existing strengths before embarking on any course of treatment.


At all stages you are actively involved in your own change process, you select your goal, and therefore know when you have reached it, which is when your sessions are complete.


This solution focussed approach is why most people find a small number of sessions are sufficient for their needs.