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Smoking - How Much Do You Pay?


Over 1,000 people quit smoking per day.  But, at least 10,000 people are unable to quite, and feel dependent on smoking.


Although the physical dependency on nicotine can last for up to one month, the psychological dependency can last much longer, and thwart your most determined efforts.  Do you often say:


“I don’t like feeling unfit”

“I dislike the smell of smoke”

“I find my smoker’s cough irritating”

“I dislike stained teeth and fingers”

“I have difficulty in breathing”


“I fell like a social outcast”

“I keep finding excuses not to quit”

“Quitting is easy, I can’t maintain it”

“I know the risks of serious disease”

“I can’t afford to smoke”


If you want to stop paying the price of smoking, and avoid becoming one of the 2,000 people killed weekly by tobacco in England, you could maximise your efforts, and utilise Hypnotherapy.

What Is Hypnotherapy?


Consciously trying to stop smoking is often very difficult.  This may be due to the fact that after many years of rehearsal, the habit has become unconscious.


Hypnotherapy utilises this unconscious part of your mind to re-programme your well-established practise of smoking whilst in a 100% natural deeply relaxed state.


A hypnotherapist uses their voice to create pleasant scenes, like daydreams.  If you’ve ever become completely absorbed in an activity, and lost track of time, congratulations, you have already experienced a trance state.


You are in complete control of yourself and will remain aware of your surroundings which means that at all stages you are actively involved in your own change process.


As Hypnotherapy is solution focussed, once you have made the decision to quit smoking, a one hour consultation is usually sufficient to

Why Choose Mind train?


ensure smoking cessation for even the heaviest of smokers, regardless of the length of your smoking career. 


So, why not make dramatic progress for yourself?


Does It Work?


Your motivation can ensure the success that previous clients have experienced:


“Hypnotherapy gave me the strength to get past 4 days of hell”


“I can’t believe that one session stopped my smoking habit of 43 years”


“I’m surprised that I don’t even feel the temptation to smoke any longer”


“If I’d known giving up could be this easy, I would have come 20 years ago”


“This is the most worthwhile money I’ve ever invested in myself”