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A General Overview


When you have a persistent difficulty with the way you think, feel or behave, it is not what you want to achieve that is the problem, but how you go about trying to achieve it.


Everybody can benefit from additional guidance in learning how to create changes effortlessly.  Desired changes may include addressing:


· Depression

· Anxiety / Panic

· Bereavement / Loss

· Personal relationships

· Marked Mood Swings

· Boredom / Under Achieving

· Losing Weight / Eating Disorder

· Low Self Confidence / Self Esteem

· Lack of Energy / Fatigue

· Stop Smoking / Alcohol

· Emotional Problems

· Memory Problems

· Chronic Pain

· Abuse


So, why allow yourself to continue suffering, when you could benefit from Counselling, Psychotherapy or Hypnotherapy?

What is Counselling & Psychotherapy?


Counselling and Psychotherapy are ways of giving you the opportunity to talk, share and express emotions in a non-judgmental confidential environment.


Through becoming more aware of yourself, your past thoughts and ideas, your feelings, behaviours, habits, and your self image, you will combat negative patterns, building on your strengths and finding alternative positive strategies to immediately enhance your future.


What is Hypnotherapy?


Consciously “trying” to make changes is difficult as after many years of rehearsal, habits become automatic or unconscious.


Hypnotherapy utilises this unconscious part of your mind whilst in a 100% natural deeply relaxed state.  A  hypnotherapist uses their voice to create pleasant scenes like daydreams.  You are in complete control of yourself, and remain aware of your surroundings.



What Happens During A Session?


Whatever the feeling, Hypnotherapy can deal with it more effectively than a drug, and without harmful side effects.


During the initial consultation, your difficulties are identified and a full history of these difficulties is taken.


Your options and capabilities for creating a more desirable situation will be discussed.  This will form your goal.


Thereafter, your portfolio of “how to change” strategies are enhanced to find the most appropriate resolution not only for the immediate present, but also for the distant future.


All the available options are presented and fully explained to complement your existing strengths before embarking on any course of treatment.


At all stages you are actively involved in your own change process, you select your goal, and therefore know when you have reached it, which is when your sessions are complete.


This solution focussed approach is why most people find a small number of sessions are sufficient for their needs.