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Why bottle it up?

What is Anxiety?


Anxiety can be a reaction to either severe stress caused by one or several traumas, or a fear of fear.


What is a Panic Attack?

As Anxiety goes unchecked, the situation worsens, and panic attacks develop, directly causing you to either slow down or stop.  Symptoms can include a combination of :


· Racing pulse

· Losing control of self

· Feeling faint or unsteady

· Stomach and chest churning

· “Thought I was going to die”

· Numbness or tingling in extremities

· Body temperature suddenly rises/falls

· Shortness of breath / choking sensation

· Trembling muscles / shaking

· “I must be losing my mind”

· Continuous need for toilet

· Feelings of unreality

· Racing thoughts


Researchers estimate that 10% of the population experience intermittent attacks, and that at least 35% of people have had at least one attack.

Why Do Anxiety & Attacks Occur?


The first panic attack is terrifying and often confusing.  When it is over, you fear it may happen again.  This physical sensitivity puts you on edge and increases your anxiety levels.  Because you are then looking our for potential panic situations, you will see them everywhere, hence your frequency of panic attacks increases.


Your mind has now created a cycle, which needs to be broken and re-learned.  The overriding message is “STOP!”


What Will Help You?

Consciously trying to prevent anxiety and panic attack symptoms is difficult.  This may be because after many years of rehearsal, the habit has become unconscious, or automatic.

Hypnotherapy utilises this unconscious part of your mind, breaking the panic pattern whilst in a 100% natural deeply relaxed state, and without the harmful side effects of drugs, and disperses the fear even after one session.

Hence, anxiety and panic proved an excellent turning point to EXTINGUISH ALL SYMPTOMS.

What Happens During A Session?


During the initial consultation, your difficulties are identified and a full history of these difficulties is taken.


Your options and capabilities for creating a more desirable situation will be discussed.  This will form your goal.


Thereafter, your portfolio of “how to change” strategies are enhanced to find the most appropriate resolution not only for the immediate present, but also for the distant future.


All the available options are presented and fully explained to complement your existing strengths before embarking on any course of treatment.


At all stages you are actively involved in your own change process, you select your goal, and therefore know when you have reached it, which is when your sessions are complete.


This solution focussed approach is why most people find a small number of sessions are sufficient for their needs.