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Is Your ‘DIET’ Out Of Control?


You may eat for many different reasons, but generally physical hunger has little to do with eating.  These ‘different reasons’ can cause you to develop a dependency on food, leading to becoming over / underweight, and the associated feelings of being out of control.


Most people know how to lose weight, but not everybody knows how to lose weight healthily, and successfully keep it off.  This can be frustrating, and the feelings of being ‘out of control’ may spread into other areas of your life.


Usually, it is not what you want to achieve that is the problem, but rather how you go about trying to achieve it.  When what you’re doing doesn’t work, it makes perfect sense to try something different.


Mind train can help you to reassess your diet, and regain control, enabling you to beat harmful eating patterns and discover more effective ways of coping with food dependency.

How Can I Change?


Moving beyond the repeated failures of today’s diets will give you an insight into the variety of reasons why you eat.


Learning how to recognise and break these dependency patterns will enable you to lose weight, and attack you diet threefold:


The Mind:  How does your mind exert feelings of “hunger”, and what is the difference between physical and emotional hunger?


The Mouth:  Why does the sight, taste or smell of food cause you to eat, even when not hungry?  How can you find an alternative?


The Body: What are the most effective ways to stimulate your body into weight loss, and do you ever feel physically satisfied or “full”?


When you change your psychological relationship with food (which in the past has defeated your most rigorous diet plans), you are free to find alternatives and  give yourself large portions of self confidence and positive reinforcement.

What Happens During A Session?


During the initial consultation, your difficulties are identified and a full history of these difficulties is taken.


Your options and capabilities for creating a more desirable situation will be discussed.  This will form your goal.


Thereafter, your portfolio of “how to change” strategies are enhanced to find the most appropriate resolution not only for the immediate present, but also for the distant future.


All the available options are presented and fully explained to complement your existing strengths before embarking on any course of treatment.


At all stages you are actively involved in your own change process, you select your goal, and therefore know when you have reached it, which is when your sessions are complete.


This solution focussed approach is why most people find a small number of sessions are sufficient for their needs.